Dominic Maas


I still need to write up an actual post-mortem, in the meantime, you can see a twitter thread here. I've also copied (and cleaned) the linked thread below:

I was hoping to get a version of SoundByte working again, but changes made to the SoundCloud API (an API allows SoundByte to access the SoundCloud service), has made retrieving a logged in users stream (and trending music) very difficult without workarounds, which I don't have the time to invest in.

With YouTube, I might be able to get support working again, but I need to figure out why the new login client id is not working (and then get the new client id approved by YouTube which might not happen).

SoundByte account functionality is read-only as of May 21, 2021 (this also disables registering new accounts). If you login with your SoundByte account, you can also export all of your data (history, likes, and most played).

The app is open source if you want to build your own version / mess around with it, and the server (stripped down) will also be published when I have some time.

It was a good ride! I'll write up a post-mortem of likes soon. The opportunities that I have gained by creating this little app have changed my life! The app will stay in the Microsoft Store + I'll publish a new version that strips out SoundByte Account functionality + hopefully enables YouTube support.

And as a final tip, relying on 3rd party APIs really... fucking... sucks!! My quality of life has definitely improved ever since I stopped paying close attention to SoundByte last year!