Dominic Maas

Curriculum vitae

References and a full CV are available upon request


I’m skilled in C# and XAML having spent many years building applications using XAML based UI desktop frameworks (UWP, WinUI, WPF and WP8.1). I have a keen eye on translating designs concepts to their XAML counterparts. I also have experience building LOB Xamarin Forms applications and have worked with ASP.NET Core and >Entity Framework (Core and ‘Legacy’).

I have recently branched out to building React applications using TypeScript professionally (in aid to Muse Hub), and Rust applications in my own time.

I've had some past experiences with Java, PHP, Python and C++. Although not as experienced - I’m willing to learn!

I’m experienced in working with source control (git) using GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps. This includes dealing with branches, pull requests, reviews and merge conflicts.

Work Experience

June 2023 — Current • Remote

Developer @ Muse Group

Leading the development of the Windows and Linux versions of Muse Hub, while supporting the company and team elsewhere as required. Supporting the Windows implementation of StaffPad.

Tech: UWP/WinUI, React, C#, XAML, TypeScript, GraphQL

June 2019 — May 2023 • Remote

Windows Developer @ StaffPad

Staffpad is a music notation app designed for Windows 10+ (Tablets) and iOS (iPad). I was initially tasked with upgrading the existing UWP app to match a newer style guide. This required building out custom XAML and C# controls that work across various screen sizes. I later worked on shipping the Windows implementation of features such as audio and video support and Elements.

Tech: UWP/WinUI, C#, XAML, GraphQL

April 2016 — May 2023 • Hamilton, New Zealand

Developer @ Independent Extrusions Ltd.

Built a few miscellaneous “scanning” mobile applications (initially running on Windows Phone 8.1, then Windows 10 (W10), finally Android via Xamarin). These applications usually update a database (SQL Server) via a local web service (ASP.NET) using stored procedures based on the scanned input.

Built a WPF application in collaboration with the Database Administrator to help simplify aspects of the existing extrusion software for users. Consists of several dedicated screens that either serve a single purpose, or work together.

More details can be provided upon request.

  • Windows Phone: Scanner apps using custom Windows Phones with built in barcode scanners.

  • UWP: Windows 10 Mobile scanners / weight scale reader. Interacts with webservice which talks to a database.

  • WPF: User App, heavily interacts with database via dapper. Uses custom SQL queries and existing stored procedures. Auto deployment via click once and Azure DevOps, sorting of information, live updating of tables, keeping information in sync between multiple users.

  • ASP.NET: Help support existing ASP.NET MVC project by adding controllers, adjusting functionality, redeploying the website etc.

  • Azure DevOps: Source code hosting, nuget package hosting, CI, CD.


2018 — 2021 • Hamilton, New Zealand

The University of Waikato

  • Bachelor of Science (major in Computer Science)

2013 — 2017 • Hamilton, New Zealand

Melville High School

  • NCEA Level 1,2,3 certificates endorsed in Merit

  • Cup for Excellence in Year 13 Computing (2017) & Year 12 Senior Information Management (2016)

  • 1st in Year 10 Information Management, Year 11-13 Digital Technology & Year 13 Statistics