Curriculum vitae


University of Waikato

2018 - 2021 • Website

Currently in my third year of Computer Science (BCMS(Hons))

Melville High School

2013 - 2017 • Website

Work Experience


2019 - Current • Website


2017 - Current • Website

Descriptions are still in progress


2016 - 2017 • Website



2016 - 2021 • Website

Originally built as a UWP 3rd party SoundCloud client for Windows Phone in 2016. Later extended to desktop and Xbox One in 2017, and then further extended in 2018 to support other music services such as YouTube and Fanburst

Currently being rewritten to support extensions, and an iOS app.

Cities Skylines: Multiplayer

An open source Cities: Skylines multiplayer mod that aims to provide an easy to use multiplayer system for Cities: Skylines

Timeline Extension

A Windows Timeline and Project Rome extension for Google Chrome and other browsers

Space Chunks

An experimental voxel game engine + game that I developed to understand how voxel based worlds are generated and basic c++ / game programming