Dominic Maas

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I’m skilled in C# and XAML having spent many years building applications using the UWP (Universal Windows Platform), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), and WP8.1 (Windows Phone 8.1) UI frameworks. I have recently started exploring mobile development both professionally (Xamarin Forms) and in my own time (Xamarin Native, Flutter). I have also worked with ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework (Core and ‘Legacy’).

I've had some experience with Java, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML & CSS. I have used C++ (basic opengl games), Python and ReactJS in the past, but am not very experienced with those languages / frameworks - although I’m willing to learn!

I’m experienced in working with source control (git) using GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps. This includes dealing with branches, pull requests, reviews and merge conflicts.


University of Waikato

2018 - 2021/22 • Website • Hamilton, NZ

Finished my third year of Computer Science (BCMS(Hons)) and awaiting my final year.

Melville High School

2013 - 2017 • Website • Hamilton, NZ

Work Experience


June 2019 - Current • Website • Remote

Staffpad is a music notation app designed for Windows 10 (Tablets) and iOS (iPad). I was tasked with upgrading the existing UWP app to match a style guide supplied in Zeplin. This required building out custom XAML and C# controls that work across various screen sizes.

Currently I’m implementing features based on set requirements as they arise.

Working with Staffpad has required that I’m able to keep track of my working hours and communicate with people across many different time zones.

Independent Extrusions Ltd.

April 2016 - Current • Website • Hamilton, NZ

Built a few miscellaneous “scanning” mobile applications (initially running on Windows Phone 8.1, then Windows 10 (W10), finally Android via Xamarin). These applications usually update a database (SQL Server) via a local web service (ASP.NET) using stored procedures based on the scanned input.

Built a WPF application in collaboration with the Database Administrator to help simplify aspects of the existing extrusion software for users. Consists of several dedicated screens that either serve a single purpose, or work together.

More details can be provided upon request.

Independent Extrusions Ltd.

December 2015 - April 2016 • Website • Hamilton, NZ

Part time work during the school holidays painting and cleaning factory floors and equipment.



December 2015 - January 2020 (in hiatus)WebsiteGitHub

Originally built as a UWP 3rd party SoundCloud client for Windows Phone in 2016. Later extended to desktop and Xbox One in 2017, and then further extended in 2018 to support other music services such as YouTube and Fanburst

SoundByte could be described as a test platform where I put my skills and new ideas to use. The application is split into two parts, the front end application and the backend server.

The front-end application is a standard UWP app that can run on Windows 10 devices and Xbox. The user experience is adjusted according to the platform the app is running on.

The back-end server runs on a dedicated VPS running docker. One container is for the ASP.NET Core website and another for SQL Server. The website makes use of ASP.NET Core Identity to handle user accounts and Identity Server for OAuth support for the front-end application. It both provides a front end website for users to visit and an API for the application to use.

Both the back-end and app use Azure DevOps (Azure Pipelines) for continuous integration (CI) to ensure changes made to the applications don’t break anything.

During the end of 2019 I started work on overhauling this application using MVVM Cross and Xamarin Native.

Cities Skylines: Multiplayer


An open source Cities: Skylines multiplayer mod that aims to provide an easy to use multiplayer system for Cities: Skylines

Timeline Extension


A Windows Timeline and Project Rome extension for Google Chrome and other browsers

Space Chunks

An experimental voxel game engine + game that I developed to understand how voxel based worlds are generated and basic c++ / game programming